Interactive Poisson Image Editing Application

I have created an interactive Java applet to allow people to try out Poisson Image Editing with their own pictures. If you landed at this page and you're curious about how the algorithm works or would like to see some examples, click here.

Below is an emedded applet that you can run within your browser. Click "File" to see the options you have with the program. If you click "select left image" or "select right image", a new dialog will pop up which will allow you to select, resize, rotate, and flip an image that you would like to use in the program. Typically you will select a left image, select a right image, select a region in one of the images, drag and drop that region onto another image, and click "blend selection". A progress bar at the top will show an estimate of how much computation time is left. Please be patient for larger selections; I'm a busy Ph.D. student so I did not have time to implement the most efficient sparse matrix solver for this problem. I also apologize that the interface is not more polished for the same reason, although you should still be able to do almost anything you want to with my program.

Also please note: in the image selector for the browser embedded version, you will not be able to upload images from your hard drive or to import them from a URL for security reasons. You will need to download a standalone (JAR) version of this program and run it from outside of your browser in order to use images beyond the sample images I have in the drop-down menu.

Click here to download the standalone version of this program

If you don't want to download this for some reason, you can still play around with the sample images in the embedded version, most of which came from examples I did in my writeup. Enjoy!!

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