Art Contest!

Midterm: Cel Shading


The purpose of the midterm was for students to experiment with Cel Shading (aka "toon shading"), or a nonphotorealistic set of techniques for making rendered images appear as cartoons. Students experimented with quantized shading and Gooch shading, and they drew lines on back faces so the outlines of images would pop out.

Submissions (in no particular order)


Quantized shading + back face lines on the default scene provided in the assignment


Flat shading + back face lines on the default scene provided in the assignment.


Cool to warm (aka. Gooch Shading) on the default scene


Cool to warm (aka Gooch shading) on some spheres


Cool to warm + back face lines on Robotnik

Ordinary Phong

Cel Shading

Dalton Rothenberger

The penguino gang with quantized shading + back face lines

Parker Fairchild

A halloween scene using quantized shading + back face line drawing.

Thin Lines

Thicker Lines, more quantization levels


Quantized cel shading + back face line drawing on the scene from mini assignment 2.

Tom R.

Quantized shading on the ray tracing default scene.


"Funky cel shading" (aka saturation bug when not dividing by number of quantization levels)