Art Contest!

Mini Assignment 2: Scene Graphs


The purpose of this assignment was to familiarize students with a JSON-based scene file format that we use in the class to create virtual environments. The art contest was to see what students could do with this (very limited!) 3D rendering engine by taking advantage of hierarchical linear transformations.



The cult of Rubik's Cube

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Scene files: rubics-scene.json, rubics-row.json, rubics-row1.json, topAndBottom.json, inbetween.json

Note the color coordination and the sparkling, which is an artistic use of z-fighting (best when viewed live)


Praetorian Shield

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Scene files: praetorian_shield.json, burgundy_pixel.json, yellow_pixel.json

This person went through manually and painstakingly placed over 400 cubes to make this scene!



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Scene files: Art.json

This may or may not be a photo from Wismer


Mario's Feet

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Scene files: art_contest.json


Society in Ruin

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Scene files: myScene.json, myChar1.json, myChar2.json, myChar3.json, myChar4.json, myCity.json, myObj.json, myView.json

Description: "Dr. Tralie has fallen, all hope is lost unless these two brave heroes can rebel against society's wicked rule.""

Camera 1

Camera 2


The Penguino Gang (aka The Future of Linux)

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Scene files: artcontest.json, penguin.json

Description: "The scene is a depiction of the Penguino Gang. The low camera is meant to make the viewer feel intimidated by the Penguinos."

NOTE: This scene was created using only primitive shapes (appropriately transformed) and the mesh of Dr. Tralie's head


Hella's Basin

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Scene files: artcontest.json, planets.json

Description: "My piece is inspired by Destiny 2. The above scene generated by the planets.json is based on the Destinations menu with all the various planets and celestial bodies that you can travel to. The scene below is a very simplified version of Hella's Basin on Mars. It is a region of Mars which used to be used as a transport rail from one facility to another, but became over run with enemies and unusable. The bridge/rail system has some storage crates(red boxes) that were left behind as well as broken down and separted train cars(blue boxes). On either end of the bridge, there are buildings/docks in which the items would travel to and from."

NOTE: This scene was made entirely out of (appropriately transformed) primitive shapes!


Pokemon Battle

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Scene files: giantpokemon.json, pokemonbattle.json

Description: "giantpokemon.json is my art contest submission, it includes pokemonbattle.json as part of it. The scene depicts two giant Pokemon interfering with a friendly Pokemon battle. In "giantpokemon.json", be sure to turn off the "Show camera" marker, and look at both cameras. You'll want to take a good look at the yellow Pokemon trainer.""


Abstract Art

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Scene files: scene1test.json, sample-scene.json

Description: "This is an abstart artwork with two scenes"