Art Contest!

Large Scale 1: Ray Tracer


In this assignment, students wrote code to construct a real time "ray tracer," or a computer program to simulate how light bounces around a virtual world and meets the eye, using a mix of the Javascript and GLSL programming languages. Students found this assignment to be very challenging and painful at times, but incredibly rewarding. Some of the results and participants are captured in this image gallery.

Submissions (in no particular order)


"I am submitting a screenshot of one of the bugs I encountered that I thought looked pretty cool"

Polka dot textures

Dalton Rothenberger

"This image was taken using 1000 sampling for the soft shadows so they should be as smooth as a baby's bottom."


"The void stares back"

"Leaving in the color by normal line to make everything super shiny and colorful"

"Inverted Shadows"

Bright Purple Curved Looking Glass


"My art contest submission is an interest bug I found. I find the gray shadows and the single corrupted side of the box really interesting."

Soft shadows! 10 Samples


rayIntersectBox bugs that lead to interesting shadows

Interesting geometric patterns from rayIntersectTriangle bugs


Green and gray shadows