Procrustes Distance / Iterative Closest Points

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This page will be expanded more in the near future, but for now here are some of the videos I showed:

Procrustes Videos


Showing an example of rotating points with the procrustes objective of maximizing the sum of the dot products of all corresponding points. The right plot shows the sum of the dot products


3D frames of my head moving around and talking (ignore the two frames...they're the same thing, just making sure a forward and inverse transformation got me the same thing as I was debugging something. Also there are some problems with the "near dist" in rendering where it fades out...ugh Matlab)


Applying 3D procrustes alignment to align each frame of the above video the first frame. Red line segments are drawn between the corresponding points from the current frame to the first frame after alignment. Notice how all of the motion has been factored out and it's just speech differences that are left

Iterative Closest Points Videos


The 2D example I showed in class to illustrate the algorithm


Applying ICP to align my face to someone else's face


Applying ICP to align my bust to someone else's bust


An example of ICP with a bad intial alignment, causing it to settle on a "local minimum" of aligning my face upside down