Group Assignment 1
Image Sources for Acoustic Simulations

In this assignment, students created an interactive application in Javascript to simulate the acoustics of virtual 3D environments using image sources ray tracing. This resulted in the ability to model echoes in a variety of different environments.
In some of the examples below, you can click to view the scenes interactively. This is simply for viewing; no acoustics will be provided to avoid posting solutions to problems that might be re-assigned in a future iteration of this course


K-Ville (Click here to view interactively)

Transmission Inside/Outside Box


Campus Quad (Click here to view interactively)

Box Fourth Order Reflections

Image Sources Outside of Ellipsoid


Tennis Court (Click here to view interactively)

"Our art submission depicts a tennis court. Our idea was that the receiver could model one
player, while the source models another. Enable transmission to see all the mistakes it is
possible to make by hitting in the net or out, and disable the transmission to see where not
to hit the ball (you don't want to hit it at right at the other player do you?!). Tennis is
tough, huh? There's an art to it."

Clem/Gray/Sanmi (Honorable Mention!)

Large Room

Tiny City

Larger City Scape (Click here to view interactively)

Ellipsoidal Whisper Chamber

Most group did this task. I picked this submission to show this because of this group's lulzy sound choice (Selena Gomez "Round And Round" because of the roundness of the ellipsoid...heh...)

Notice in the videos below how the source (drawn in green so it will show out) is very far away, and when not on the foci, the sound is barely audible (you may have to turn up your speakers to hear it). But when moving to the foci, it suddenly sounds as if Selena is right next to me!

Echo Chamber Off Foci

Echo Chamber On Foci

Pyramids of Egypt (Click here to view interactively)

The models here were made by hand in a text editor!!


Erin/Nick (Honorable Mention!)

Big Rotated Desk


Second Order Ellipsoid Images

Chris Tralie?!?! (Click here to view interactively)

Epic Battle (Click here to view interactively)

My head fighting superman with a throng of onlookers (go to the receiver's point of view to start with superman. Disable mesh edges to see my wonderful face details more clearly):

Dragon Scene

Mingyuan/Annie (Honorable Mention!)

Whisper Chamber Paths On Foci

Binaural Sound (3D Sound)

Put on your headphones to listen to the sound below

Source to left of head

Source to right of head

Landscape (Click here to view interactively)

Made in Maya


Ellipsoid First Order Images

Simple Scene, Higher Order Images

Bedroom Binaural (Put on headphones, Click here to view interactively)

Source to left of head

Source to right of head

City Scene (Click here to view interactively)


Rotated Desk Images

High Reverb Racquetball Court Binaural (Put on headphones)

Source to left of head

Source to right of head


Mini Cooper (Click here to view interactively)

High Reverb Box

Anonymous Group

Curvy Pinwheel with lots of symmetries! (Click here to view interactively)


Drawing Normals


Procedurally Generated City (!!)

These guys made a program to make a random city:

Darth Vader Binaural (Put On Headphones, Click here to view interactively))

Source to left of head

Source to right of head

Weston/Aaron (Honorable Mention!!)

Bounding Box

Connected Reverberation Chambers

Inside one chamber

From One Chamber To Other via Hallway

City! (Click here to view interactively)

With bounding boxes


Greek City in Sphere (Click here to view interactively)

Zach/Natalie/John (Winners!!!)

City Scene Second Order Reflections

Lots of "boxcars"

Zombie Farm

Rubik's Cube Inception (!!) (Click here to view interactively)

A house which is inside of a Rubik's cube. Inside of said house is another rubiks cube. Inside of that rubik's cube is another house... (OMG)

....and that's it for now folks!