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Click Here To Download and Play Deep Space Death!! (Windows Vista or Windows 7 required)

Sample Execution (from command line):

Extract the .zip file and open up a command prompt in that current working directory. Type:

SpaceSim test.scn -proc_gen test.bmp

Controls (NOTE: Joystick can also be used):

Left ArrowRoll Left
Right ArrowRoll Right
Forward ArrowAccelerate Forward
Back ArrowAccelerate Backward
Mouse LeftYaw Left
Mouse RightYaw Right
Mouse UpPitch Up
Mouse DownPitch Down
Left Mouse ClickFire Laser
The 't' keyTarget an enemy ship
The 'c' keyBegin piloting and enemy ship and relinquish control of your current ship to AI (NOTE: You're automatically put to pilot one of the enemy ships if your own ship blows up)
The 's' keyToggle 3rd Person View
The 'q' keyQuit the game
The 'j' keyToggle whether or not joystick is being used
The 'o' keyToggle the "overhead view" (another type of 3rd person camera view that's a bit buggy at the moment
The spacebarPrint piloted ship's camera position and orientation to the console (for debugging)

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